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The Performance Institute is the premiere training facility for developing athletes, celebrities, working professionals and fitness enthusiasts in the greater Vancouver area. Led by renowned Strength and Conditioning Coach Steve Ramsbottom, Performance Institute has paved the way in making our clients reach their goals using the safest and the most effective exercise programming and coaching.

What’s New At PI?

Players looking to make big gains in their on-ice performance are invited to check out Performance Institute’s 7th Annual Off-Season Hockey Program.  We offer a complete Strength and Conditioning Program for Hockey Players Serious about their development with Skating treadmill and On-Ice components.

Scheduling is flexible and can accommodate any athlete’s needs. The program is designed to prepare players for competition, having the athlete peak at the right time, maximizing physical potential, building a stronger, more agile, explosive and faster players.

The Training is designed and administered under the supervision of experienced Kinesiologists and Strength and Conditioning Specialists with a wealth of experience working with NHL, AHL, CHL, NCAA and BCHL athletes.

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