Trainers who understand wheelchair fitness and performance

 Finding a great gym that provides for people in wheelchairs is difficult. In fact, finding trainers who understand the unique needs of wheelchair athletes is near impossible. Steve Ramsbottom, author of "Wheelchair Training" will develop personalized programs to help you decrease and eliminate pain, increase joint stability, apply corrective exercises to guarantee peak athletic performance. 

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Steve Ramsbottom is also the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the National Wheelchair Tennis Team, and has served the Men’s and Women’s National Wheelchair Basketball Teams, and the National Wheelchair Rugby Team


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I’ve really enjoyed Steve’s creative and studied approach to wheelchair training. He has filled an immense void in bringing his expertise and creativity to bear on a crucial aspect of our training
— Pat Anderson, Canadian Wheelchair Basketball
I’ve trained with Francois at PI for the past 3 years and he continually ups the game. PI has experience working with high performance wheelchair athletes and they’ve figured out the correct strapping so that we are safe as well as still being able to push our limits. I love the community feel there and it not being a big box type of gym. They have everything you need with a down home feel and I wouldn’t want to train anywhere else.
— Tara Llanes, Canadian Wheelchair Basketball