HEATHER Ramsbottom - Owner/ Nutrition and S + C Coach

Heather earned her Bachelor’s of Science and Bachelor’s of Physical Education degrees from Queens University. She also holds a Bachelor’s of Education degree from SFU.  She is a level 1 certified Precision Nutrition Coach. She co-manages Performance Institute and has worked in the strength and conditioning industry for over 15 years.

Athletic background

Heather began her own athletic career as a competitive gymnast, eventually switching to varsity track and field in university where she competed in Pole Vault.

Clientele/Professional Accomplishments

Athletes that Heather has worked with include Skate Canada athletes, the womens’ U20 National soccer team, Womens’ Whitecaps, Men’s and Women’s National Wheelchair Basketball teams, Men’s National Wheelchair Rugby Team, BC Junior golf team, and the New Jersey Devils Prospect’s Camp. She wrote the Strength and Conditioning program and Functional Injury Prevention Handouts that are referenced by BC Gymnastics coaches for their athletes.  In addition to working with high-level athletes, Heather also works with active rehabilitation clients, corporate clients, pre and post-natal clients and people looking to improve their overall health and wellness.


As a highly qualified Strength and Conditioning Trainer and Performance Institute’s Nutrition Coach Heather has trained many clients dealing with specific injuries, weight-loss goals or simply looking to make a positive change in their lifestyles.  She also runs a new program on the North Shore designed to allow mom’s to get a challenging workout in but allows integrate their kids.

What you may not know about Heather

Mother of two (Jake, 6 and Jamie 3).