NATHAN PINNEL - Strength and Conditioning Coach


Nathan earned his Bachelors of Science in Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University.  He is a NCCP Trained Weightlifting Coach and has multiple crossfit certifications including weightlifting and gymnastics. He is a member of British Columbia Association of Kinesioligists (BCAK).

Athletic background

Nathan’s own start in the gym was to train for mountain biking and rugby.  He has since moved on to compete in Weightlifting as a 94kg lifter.  

Clientele/Professional Accomplishments

Nathan specializes in introducing clients to weightlifting and developing strength for life, sport, and health.  His previous experience managing fitness centers and a crossfit gym gave him the experience training a wide variety of clients, from youth athletes to retirees trying to get fit again.  His clients have been training for endurance events, team sports, and action sports.

What you may not know about Nathan

When he’s not in the gym Nathan can be found working on or riding motorcycles.