Changing our eating habits can be challenging

Changing our eating habits can be one of the hardest parts of your life to modify. A good nutrition plan is a vital starting point. Even with a good plan many people fall off the wagon when life throws them curve balls, or they just get tired of the same old plan.

With personalized plans and weekly check-ins we build a good starting plan, and modify it as needed to make sure you are eating healthy, and staying happy at the same time. Clients have the option to use Precision Nutrition ProCoach Software for daily lessons, habits and extra accountability anytime, anywhere.

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MOnthly Assessments

First, we assess your body composition and goals help us build a personalized meal plan and track your progression.


Weekly Check-ins 

We'll help you stay accountable and review your successes while planning for the unique challenges you will have each week.

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Life changing results 

Combine your nutrition coaching with one of our great training programs and enjoy life to the fullest! 

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With a few simple tweaks in meal timing and portion control, my energy levels have shot through the roof and I’ve lost 10lbs.
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Heather suggested some changes to my diet that started a downward shift in weight, increased my energy levels, and resulted in a much leaner profile. I am thrilled to now achieve faster running times and receive compliments on my new physique!