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Your first step in getting started is to schedule an Assessment and Consultation! It can be really hard to know if a gym is right for you, and this is a chance for you to see the care and detail we put into our clients and learn why your body performs, moves and responds the way it does. 

To schedule your initial assessment, please fill out the form below! 

During our in-depth assessment we will discuss your health history, any past or current injuries you might have, and your specific goals. Our coaches will take this time to truly get to know you and hear about everything you're looking to accomplish.  During this session we will look at your body composition, posture and alignment, flexibility, strength and conditioning levels.  

The assessment is our way for our coaches to get a sense of how you currently move, and how to select and develop your program so you can achieve your goals in the fastest and safest way possible.

During the physical assessment, your coach will give you a tour of the facility along with an in-depth explanation of exactly what it's like to be at Performance Institute.  We want the chance to showcase our expertise and philosophy and to demonstrate why the vast majority of our clients become long-term members of our unique community; there's no better way to get a "snapshot" experience of what it's like to train at PI... so book your assessment today!

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